Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fucketh Not With the Machete

The timing of this release is so perfect, we tend to think it's a trap by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to lure Mexicans into a locked auditorium - like one of those "You just won a free TV" stings the cops pull from time to time. Residents of the Failed State of Arizona may want to watch this one on pirata DVD. Presumably it's already available at the Mercado de la Cruz.

[Update: Fox has pulled the trailer from YouTube. Click here instead.]

We're not convinced this will actually be a good movie, but we're certain that "They Just Fucked with the Wrong Mexican" is t-shirt-worthy tag line. [Note to the interns: Bring your sewing machines to work tomorrow. And don't make any dinner plans.]

Speaking of Mexicans... in an effort to shatter the "lazy" stereotype, New York's Mexican community has finally gotten around to celebrating Cinco de Mayo just four days late. Coincidentally (or, not!) the parade ends right outside Burro Hall's Temporary New York Headquarters, which we suppose makes us sort of the Tepeyac of El Norte.

    Update/Correction:NYC's 5dM Parade route has apparently been downsized from 110th-72nd to 106th-96th. That's right, the entire Cinco de Mayo Parade route is 800 meters. Lazy Mexicans....

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Anonymous said...

that has to be the best "worst movie" ever made. And in honour of Mexico... i`m gonna get a me a pirate copy!