Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Here Comes Los Suns

Happy Speedbump Day - or, as the few Mexicans who actually pay attention to it call it, Cinco de Mayo. Or, as it's known in the Failed State of Arizona: Cinco de Ammo!
5 April 2010 - Arizona declares that firearms manufactured within the state are no longer subject to federal control. No more forms to fill out, no more background checks, welcome to Firearms Freedom.

We call on Arizona Patriots to help us celebrate this historical event on 5 May 2010, by going out and purchasing five boxes of ammunition. We refer to this day of celebration as “Cinco de Ammo”.

Of course, we endorse this 100%, because we endorse any attempt to stimulate the Failed State of Arizona's moribund economy and make them less dependent on Federal tax dollars siphoned from the liberal, successful states in the northeast.

Another boost to the local economy would be an NBA championship. We can't believe we're saying this while the Celtics are still alive, but for our money, the Suns are showing themselves to be the classiest team in the league, despite being from Phoenix.

The Phoenix Suns will wear "Los Suns" on their jerseys in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals on Wednesday night, owner Robert Sarver said, "to honor our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation."

The decision to wear the jerseys on the Cinco de Mayo holiday stems from a law passed by the Arizona Legislature and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer that has drawn widespread criticism from Latino organizations and civil rights groups that say it could lead to racial profiling of Hispanics....

"It's going to be great to wear Los Suns," Phoenix's Amare Stoudemire said, "to let the Latin community know that we're behind them 100 percent."

Not for nothing, but if you're wagering, you'll be interested to know that Phoenix wore Los Suns twice during the regular season, and won both times.

Remember the Alamo, San Antonio.

    Update: San Antonio might want to break out the Los Spurs jerseys for Game 3.

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Mexfiles said...

The only growth sector in Arizona exports (by nearly 80 percent) over the last four years was in "Bombs, mines, other ammunition projections, etc. and parts". Perhaps our patriotic gangsters can join the boycott and really bring down down the rogue regime in the failed state of Arizona.