Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The leftist, illegal-immigrant-loving hippies at the Federal Bureau of Investigations have released some numbers, picked up and reported by their allies at that bastion of liberal propaganda, The Wall Street Journal, showing that the Failed State of Arizona has been successful at at least one thing: reducing crime.

In Phoenix, police spokesman Trent Crump said, "Despite all the hype, in every single reportable crime category, we're significantly down." Mr. Crump said Phoenix's most recent data for 2010 indicated still lower crime. For the first quarter of 2010, violent crime was down 17% overall in the city, while homicides were down 38% and robberies 27%, compared with the same period in 2009.

Arizona's major cities all registered declines. A perceived rise in crime is one reason often cited by proponents of a new law intended to crack down on illegal immigration. The number of kidnappings reported in Phoenix, which hit 368 in 2008, was also down, though police officials didn't have exact figures.

The reason is obvious: SB 1070 is showing results before it even goes into effect!!!!! (Oh, wait...never mind.)

(We'd love to take full credit for the clever title, but it belongs to another quasi-socialist outlet, The American Conservative, from an article most definitely worth reading in full - mostly because it's a bit too long and dense to summarize easily. But basically, hispanics do commit crimes at a higher rate than whites, but when you consider that young people commit more crimes than old people, and hispanics are on average, younger than whites, race suddenly seems less significant. Add to that the fact that simply being an illegal immigrant is itself a crime, and the "hispanic crime wave" starts to look like a figment of Lou Dobbs's imagination. Which it is.)


Anonymous said...

But basically, hispanic immigrants do commit crimes at a higher rate than whites…

What does a comparison of Hispanic immigrants to whites tell us? It seems like the wrong comparison groups to yield much if any information about illegal immigrants, considering that a) not all Hispanic immigrants are illegal, b) not all illegal immigrants are Hispanic, and c) approximately one third of native-born Arizonans are Hispanic.

Margaret S.
(once a statistician)

Burro Hall said...

Thanks, Margaret. Including the word "immigrants" there was an error on my part (which I've corrected - we here at Burro Hall get paid by the word, you see.) The article actually just compares hispanics and whites, and the use of "hispanics wanna kill yo' mama" to sow irrational fears about our brown-skinned neighbors from the south.

Rick said...

One positive aspect of all this illegal immigrant stuff is that Lou Dobbs in no longer on CNN.
He polluted the airwaves with his insane rants.

Burro Hall said...

Lord, can you imagine the live broadcasts from Arizona we'd be enduring right now?

Vicente Duque said...

Three Videos : Arizona Chiefs of Police and Other Super Policemen against Arizona Racism, ten Super Police Chiefs of Top Cities in Department of Justice

With Eric Holder, Secreatry of Justice : Top Policemen of Arizona Cities and other Super Policemen and Chiefs of Police.

The group includes police chiefs from Phoenix (Police Chief Jack Harris) and Tucson (Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor) in Arizona; Los Angeles, California; and Houston, Texas.

"In fact, the majority of us believe [the Arizona law] will actually cause crime to increase," said Chris Burbank, the police chief of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eric Holder ( Secretary Department of Justice ) said "there would be a decision coming soon on some of the federal issues associated with this," said John Harris, police chief for Sahuarita, Arizona.

"Any resources at this point are going to be useful," noted Tucson, Arizona, Police Chief Roberto Villasenor. "But I don't want to just treat the symptoms of the problem."

"Arizona sheriffs are elected officials and that changes your perspective," noted Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

AssociatedPress — May 26, 2010 — After meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder, police chiefs from across Arizona spoke about their opposition to a new law that requires officers to question people who could be illegal immigrants. (May 26)

Ariz. Police Chiefs Decry Immigration Checks

talkradionews — May 26, 2010 — Following a meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder, police chiefs from several Western states held a press conference to discuss concerns regarding Arizonas controversial immigration law. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Police Chiefs Express Concern Over Arizona Immigration Law

ksltube — May 26, 2010 — Salt Lake City's police chief was in Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning to discuss his concerns about Arizona's immigration law.

Salt Lake City police chief pleased with DC immigration meet

You can look for the Videos in or see them directly here in my site :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

So sorry that my pedantry subtracted a word. I know how that feels.

Nevertheless, it still seems like an invalid comparison to make for conclusions about Americans vs. non-Americans, given my point (c) above. I guess that's the point. It isn't so much about Americans vs non-Americans as white vs non-white.

Burro Hall said...

Agreed, Margaret. The fact that the "Keep America White" crowd uses these statistics as an argument against immigration doesn't mean they're right to do so, obviously.

Mago said...
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Anonymous said...

Further, I’d be interested to hear the opinion of Americans who are neither white nor Hispanic, I hear there are a few of you. Does this debate make feel you are regarded as chopped liver?

Burro Hall said...

Also, white collar criminals. Don't let the muggers and the rapists grab all the glory, hedge fund managers. Speak up!