Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sábado Gigante

It's a gorgeous Spring day in Manhattan, so of course we're spending the bulk of it indoors listening to ourselves pretending to be interested in listening to people talk about Thomas Jefferson for 35 hours (long story, never mind). So if it's all the same to you, we're gonna let some of our far-lung correspondents handle the heavy lifting today.

* We couldn't make it to the National Burro Festival this year, but we've sent a representative.  (We are, however, planning a follow up report on the crowning of the Burro Queen 2010, as soon as the photo rights are negotiated.)

* If our names were Gutierrez, Lopez, Mercedes, Norberto, Rosales, Septimo, Valdez, Vazquez, Montero, Ojeda or Parra, we'd be very careful driving around the Failed State of Arizona this summer. Even if - no, especially if -  we were driving a late-model Porsche.

* You have to wonder how this could go unreported for so long.

* Excelsior suggests that if the Mexican government were able to get its shit together, it wouldn't really matter what the Failed State of Arizona did because there would be literally no reason for Mexicans to go there.

* Mexfiles does the math, and discovers that if legal immigration to Mexico cost Americans proportionally what legal immigration to the US costs Mexicans, we'd be out of pocket about ten grand a year.  (Actual cost, about $150.)

* Malcolm Beith does the math on the drug war dead, and discovers math is hard.

* What are people saying about us?  Why, just ask some of our brilliant commenters!
Utterly boring analysis of turgid issues. What a supercilious, self-righteous ass. ...I suppose the semi-comatose American retirees in Queretaro may find this stuff vaguely more engaging than USA Today
* Our kind of drinking establishment.

* Best. Happy Meal. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Today the 2nd is the 5 de Mayo parade. In NY. In case someone attends pics please. I have to work, I can't attend.

Burro Hall said...

Are you sure? My internets are telling me it's May 9th.