Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Hñähñu, spoken by 51% of the Otomi, or about a quarter million people, is the fifth-largest indigenous language in Mexico, and danger of extinction? (Fun fact: "Burro Hall" is Nöndo Njuxu.)

* Oh, that's gonna leave a mark. (Really, don't click this one.) At least we now know what it takes to get bullfighting on the front page of American newspapers.

* "One supporter wrote, 'I think it is about time we take our state and country back from the Mexicans.'" Man, Arizonans are dumb.

* Speaking of which, why can't the states we stole from Mexico all just get along?

* If you're looking for a right-wing politician having a worse week than Rand Paul, may we suggest Jefe Diego? We of course are praying for his safe and speedy return, etc, but for the record, he really seems to be something of a douche.

* Interesting food history blog.

* La Corregidora has her own Facebook page, despite having been dead for 181 years.

* We were unaware that Spain was still holding war trophies from 200 years ago.

* Pun of the Week, right here.


Anonymous said...

A rare contribution these days:

Mexicans welcomed Whites to the Valley

Anonymous said...

I thought according to the one negative comment a few weeks back that Burro Hall would be translated as "fombru!"