Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Hey, we're not saying Mexicans are lazy or anything, but re-titling "Diff'rent Strokes" as "White & Black" shows about as much effort as re-naming Laurel & Hardy "The Fat Guy and the Thin Guy."

* Learn Spanish with Frank Zappa!

* This is a stroke of genius, regardless of whether it was sincerely racist or just ironic.

* Tequila: Apparently not invented in Tequila.

* Corn: Invented from scratch by Mexican cavemen, who genetically engineered it over centuries. Nine thousand years later, we still can't get a guy we already paid to actually come and paint the house.

* Fuck you, I'm gonna do what you tell me.

* Mexican Red Cross finds an excellent way to remind people to give blood.

* We knew Obama's Cinco de Mayo shout-out to the Puerto Ricans in his administration would end badly.

* It's Memorial Day weekend, so remember to give thanks for those who died defending the nation from foreign aggressors.


Anonymous said...

They not only created maiz, but also a process call nixtamalization (check wikipedia), so they were also food scientists.

Anonymous said...

yeah, without latinos there would only be Sunset magazine versions of tacos.
and also mildly funny that the guy who wrote the tequila article is named John Pint.