Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Near-Triumph of the Will

In North-of-the-Border beauty pageant news, Miss Oklahoma, Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, showed the world that she doesn't just look Aryan, by offering a big thumbs up to both "states rights" and the Failed State of Arizona's new racial profiling law during the Miss USA question-and-answer segment.

Charmingly, she went on to become First Runner-Up, which means that if, for whatever reason, the current Miss USA, a 24-year-old Lebanese immigrant named Rima - are we pronouncing that correctly? Ryma? Reema? - Fakih, is unable to fulfill her responsibilities, Morgan Elizabeth Woolard will be crowned the new Miss USA. Did we mention that she strongly supports the right of states to stop foreign-looking people with funny names and incarcerate them if they cannot produce their papers? Funny, that.

(Incidentally, Miss Failed State of Arizona, Brittany Bell, seems like a bit of a crybaby. Eighty percent of the contestants don't make the final ten, Brit. It ain't all about politics.)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but if Miss America travels to Arizona she needs to bring an ID with her. Just look at her.