Friday, May 21, 2010

No Fighting in the W.A.R. Room

This is probably deeper into the weeds of anti-immigrant lunacy than most readers will care to go, but there's a fascinating pissing match going on between some of the key lunatics over a pair of competing pro-police-state rallies being held in the Failed State of Arizona on June 5th and 12th. We can't even really follow it ourselves, but apparently everyone was holding hands and singing Kumbayah as they prepared for the rally in Phoenix on June 5, but then one of the organizers (with the very non-immigrant-sounding name of Dan Smeriglio) turned out to be a neo-Nazi, or at least neo-Nazi-curious, which caused the anti-immigrant group ALIPAC - who, it should be noted, are so anti-immigrant, they renounced Lou Dobbs for being a softie - to announce they were pulling out and throwing their support behind the June 12, Nazi-free rally, which prompted Tom Tancredo (R-Columbine Massacre) to urge everyone involved in the June 12 rally to come to the June 5 rally instead, which then set ALIPAC on the warpath against Tancredo, which then...

Aw, who gives a shit. Just enjoy the show.

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Anonymous said...

After seeing yesterday the picture of that bearded man blindfolded, I'm more convinced the kidnappers of this Queretan were the same that kidnapped Eduardo Garcia Valseca just miles away. Same style in everything. First we knew about Mr. Garcia Valseca was a picture of him blindfolded. Same angle, same style, in a ranch.