Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Queen of All Asses

A couple of weeks ago we promised you a follow-up report on the Feria Nacional del Burro's "Burro Queen 2010," but for reasons we assume to be related to national security, her actual identity is a closely guarded secret. But our photo editor has managed to track down this image of Queen What's-her-name, flanked by her personal bodyguards, taken by Flickr user "fotoaure":

This dress is so awesome, it makes us regret not having daughters. But obviously, the most exciting part of this picture is the lower right corner, where we find the unmistakable visage of a certain gringo in Mexico who goes by the nombre de pluma "Gringo In Mexico."

Something tells us there's a badly-enunciated report on el feria del burro coming soon. Kay Emoshy-o-nanty!

1 comment:

frank said...

I'm wondering if we will see any pictures of her around a stripper pole, now that she is "Queen Of All Asses"