Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Racial Sensitvity Watch: Burro Parade Edition

Despite the attempts by National Burro Festival's board of governors to censor our coverage, we have obtained under the Freedom of Embarrassing Information Act this image, smuggled out in an unspecified body cavity at the end of the festival's Burro Parade. The theme of this "float," as it were, is "World Cup 2010." (For our gringo readers: the World Cup is some kind of quadrennial soccer game, which is being held this year in South Africa, a nation populated exclusively by zebras and animal-skin-clad Negro savages.)

We will of course concede that if it goes all the way down to the ankles, it's not technically blackface.

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For the greatest Zulu-centric scene in the history of cinema, click here.


Rita said...

Next time you are in LA, head over to Olvera Street where you will see at least one poor burro disguised as a zebra.

So sad

Burro Hall said...


Rita said...

Ohhhhh yes!!! It is very sad but true.

Penny said...

Re: Photo del Dia: Not fair to pugs!! They don't like surprise parties. PH