Monday, May 03, 2010

Statehouse Rock

We were listening to the Failed State of Arizona's official state anthem today - titled, with all the creativity you'd expect from a state whose principal industry is erosion, "Arizona." We think this thing is in desperate need of a rewrite. Though we can probably salvage Where the golden sun is flaming/ Into warm, white shining day, lines like O, come and live beside us/ However far ye roam/ Come and help us build up temples/ And name those temples 'home,' are bound to be scratched out as soon as some wingnut legislator gets wind of them. (Not that those unassimilated wetbacks would ever learn enough English to figure out the lyrics, but you still don't want to run the risk of some civil libertarian do-gooder translating them and taking the state to court.)

We'd like to be the first to propose an alternative.

[Complete list of Arizona water parks here.]


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Loved it! Should definitely be Arizona's anthem.


John of midwestinmex said...

Some great Arizona signs here; sure you've already seen a load: