Monday, May 17, 2010

While America Slept

The annoying but hyper-talented celebrity chef Rick Bayless is preparing Wednesday's White House state dinner in honor of Presidente Calderon. So right now, in the basement of the White House - the White House, where President James K. Polk rested his weary head at night! Where Woodrow Wilson demanded Pancho Villa dead or alive! - there's... there's... shit, we can't even bring ourselves to say it. Read on, and then tell us the North American Union is just a crazy conspiracy theory:

To compound the complexity, the guest chef cannot order ingredients himself. It must be done by the White House executive chef from sources that are kept secret for security reasons. (When any president eats away from the White House, a tester is in the kitchen to guard against poisoning.) Officials said no to Mr. Bayless’s request that he be allowed to make two or three long-simmering, complex sauces ahead of time and ship them frozen to the White House where they could be tested. So Mr. Bayless and crew will be coming to Washington two days earlier than planned to begin preparing a 28-ingredient Oaxacan black mole.

A 28-ingredient Oaxacan black mole. How's that hopey-changey thing workin' for ya?

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