Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Man has sent us on a mission south of the border this week. Though it's a trip we make pretty frequently, we're never fully at ease here. The people speak a strange, impenetrable language, dress funny, take Jesus too seriously, and, while appearing unfailingly polite and welcoming, bear a deep-seated suspicion (and hostility) towards visitors from the north. Also, you see exotic, disorienting sights like this:

In short, we can't wait to get back onto the right side of the border, and until we do, posting is likely to be as sporadic as the electricity here. We thank you for your patience.


Anonymous said...

It is hard for mexicans (including myself) to forget everything you as USA (not you specifically) have done to the world, and ourselves, the image you have, your egocentric point of view, and the believe that anyone who is not like you is wrong.

But in particular, I have good gringo friends, and you seem nice.

Burro Hall said...

Thank you. You seem nice, too. Thanks for not holding the unfortunate outcome of the Mexican-American War against this blog.

Anonymous said...

riding in the nude: