Friday, June 25, 2010

Gato Perdido

We've pretty much stopped posting All Points Bulletins when the spare cat has gone missing, since it happens about three times a week. But the main cat seems to have gone outside the perimeter and, by our estimates, has been gone since at least Tuesday, June 22.

If you happen to see this medium-sized, all gray, three-year-old female gato in the Centro, we'd be really grateful if you could let us know. She answers to the name LUCY, but she's extremely shy, and you probably won't be able to grab her yourself. Discretion prevents us from listing the amount of the reward you'll receive, but it'll be well worth your while.


Dave said...

Still no news on the Gato? Been waiting expectantly to hear to unwinding the roll of chicken wire any time now. We've had numerous cat escapes, the last ones being airborne drops from the deck, but could always count on a return...until I inadvertently locked cat #2 in the shed for the day. Not a nice feeling.

Burro Hall said...

Thanks. No news, unless false alarms count. I locked the spare cat in a closet for a couple of days once, but I'm pretty sure that's not what happened this time. Maybe she got bored with Queretaro. It happens, you know.