Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Finding your city mentioned in an article on The Most Dangerous Places in Mexico makes you feel pretty bad-ass. Unless it says this:
Despite being surrounded by states burdened with ever higher murder rates, Querétaro's high standard of living has kept it a peaceful place that has escaped most of the violence; between Jan. 1, 2007 and June 5, 2009, Agencia Reforma logged just 18 drug-related deaths

* Another anti-Mexican rally today in the FSoAZ. Remember: When you Stand With Arizona, you stand with Hitler. On D-Day weekend.

* Mexicans may want to avoid Maricopa County AZ for another reason: It's really dangerous, because Sheriff Joe Arpaio does a really lousy job fighting crime.

* Besides, illegals, migrating to the US legally is really simple, so you should just do that instead.

* Also, it turns out that the closer Americans live to Mexico, the safer their cities are, while the closer Mexicans live to the US, the more blood-soaked and violent their cities are. Please finish that wall, President Obama.

* Apropos of yesterday's post, it appears Mexico is home to the world's sixth-largest Irish community. Man, that's a lot of giant foam leprechaun hats.

* It ain't quite the Rolling Stones, but the Aguascalientes coat of arms has a pair of red, smoochy lips on it.

* Great photo essay on America's Mexican superheroes.

* A pedantic asshole after our own hearts.

* The New Yorker on La Familia [pdf].

* The Battle of Lake Texcoco, in miniature.

* If you must vacation with a tiger, you should avoid staying at the Cancun Hilton.


Anonymous said...

I think in the Yucatan they call minor felines (bigger than Spare and smaller than a jaguar) "tigre." It was written by a non Mexican. The 75,00 is South American or Spanish, in Mexico we don't use decimal commas. Mexicans use decimal points as in the U.S., U.K., Canada, India, and China.

Anonymous said...

After some detective work.... it was somebody from Argentina or Spain who screwed this up. My guess is Spain. In Mexico, people don't say alquilar, but rentar. In Mexico people don't say ascensor, but elevador. In Mexico people don't say fútbol, but futbol. Also, Mexicans don't say piscina, but alberca. So we need to ask a person from Spain what is a "tigre" in that country. In Latin America, it might be a jaguar. Maybe it's a stupid joke from the Spanish employee who wrote this, and his/her bosses haven't realized yet.

Burro Hall said...

That's a very thorough forensic investigation...but I prefer to believe they don't want any tigers there.