Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Mexico moves up two slots on the Failed States Index, and is now the 96th Most Failed State in the World. The Failed State of Arizona benefits from being lumped in with 49 other, more successful American states, thus coming in 158th.

* Think we're kidding? Compare crime statistics between two neighboring states: Sonora and Arizona. Jan Brewer may want to send Vermont a thank-you card.

* First the FSoAZ comes for the Mexicans, then they come for the burros.

* And then for the terrorists.

* Querétaro, because it's in Mexico, doesn't actually have terrorists, but we loves us some security-state apparatus, so our color-coded alert system is used for rain instead. The chance that this summer may being some Orange Alert days is front-page news. (The fact that heading up the Municipal Civil Protection Unit appears to be part of the governor's wife's ceremonial duties is, strangely, not remarked upon.)

* In other civil protection news, Querétaro police have seized 5,200 beers in raids on after-hours clubs, and "are beginning the process of destroying these beverages." We'll bet.

*We hope Ran Paul gets elected, because we're dying to hear how this is supposed to work: "My plans include an underground electronic fence, with helicopter stations to respond quickly to breaches of the border."

* Mexican profanity is really confusing.

* We don't know if there's a Mexican term for "food porn," but The Mija Chronicles traffics in it delightfully.

* Carlos Monsiváis died last week. It's hard to think of an analogous American figure.

* The MexFiles on becoming Mexican.
In the Spanish language, “to be” has two forms: estar and ser. Estar is a changeable or impermanent state, Ser is permanent. And what is more permanent than death? But we do not say, “Señor Kurtz, se muerto” but “Señor Kurtz, está muerto” — Mr. Kurtz is dead right now, but that’s not necessarily the last word on the subject. There is no last word, and no reason to spend a lot of extraneous words getting around that.

* Tom Petty: Jefferson Jericho Blues. It's not Mexican, but we're not in Mexico anyway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ser - the ways things are
estar - states, status

muerto is one state, vivo is another state.
esta vivo
esta muerto

the lights: on is one state, off is on state.
la luz esta prendida
la luz esta apagada

Window: open is on state, closed is another state.
la ventama esta abierta.
la ventana esta cerrada.

I hope it helps.