Friday, June 04, 2010

Insane Clown Posse

The Man's been riding us pretty hard this week, so we've been slow in posting and - even worse - have been forced to miss Querétaro's annual "International Community Festival." This is a shame because we personally make a up significant percentage of the International Community, and thus feel an obligation to represent. But the American delegation has already proven that it can humiliate itself without our assistance, so we're going to assume Uncle Sam is in excellent hands once again. Instead, let's just take a minute to marvel at our ancestral forbears, the Irish, seen here in a photo taken by a friend and stolen without permission:

We've yet to run into any Irish people in Querétaro (not even here), and two years ago the Irish delegation appeared to be composed composed entirely of Mexicans, but, assuming they're genuine micks, this picture would seem to have only a handful of explanations: 1) That they dress like this all the time; 2) That they don't dress like this all the time, but did bring these costumes with them on their journey to Mexico, to be taken out for special occasions; 3) The Irish Embassy keeps a supply on hand, to be given out to Irishmen who have come to Mexico without a leprechaun outfit of their own. None of these possibilities is less disturbing than the others.


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Hey. It's me, the Anonymous. Check the statistics here. Fresh story with tomorrow's date:

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Dang it. I didn't even know when the festival was. I missed it!

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The US delegation spent the enitire weekend in prison after being racialy profiled and asked for their FM3s.