Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Would Dolores Del Rio Lie To You?

The World Cup finally rolls around, and we find ourselves working in a country that doesn't take the entire day off every time there's a soccer game. So, in deference to the insatiable demands of The Man, "updating the blog" is moving a little further down on the to-do list this week. But today, as a service to our under-18 readers, guest blogger Dolores Del Rio is here to explain how to be a sexy, glamorous movie star!

And she lived to be 77, so don't believe the uncool kids when they tell you it's unhealthy!


Anonymous said...

Cute...quit that damn job in yankeeland and get back to god's work.
Going into withdrawl symptoms out here!

Richard said...

I wonder if the thin white duke had a last cigarette?

Anonymous said...

She was married with the guy whose uncle Oscar inspired the Oscars (the Academy Awards.) The night she passed away, the Oscar ceremony was in progress on TV. I think it was 1983.

Dan said...

Wikipedia -- redefining reliabilty and grammar for the 21st century and beyond: "When del Río returned to México in 1943 her face experimented a change to become a prototype of the Mexican female beauty foreign countries."