Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Tragedy strikes, in the form of Mother Nature's wrath, as Hurricane Alex prevents the completion of the world's largest flag painting on a Houston rooftop in time for July 4th. (Also, it appears to have destroyed Monterrey, Mexico.)

* Presidente Calderon linked to Russian spy ring! They must have decided he was too incompetent to take part in it.

* A brief history of Netzalucoly...Nezawacolly...Nestorcoyote....shit, we've never been able to pronounce it.

* After years of insisting they're not anti-immigrant, but anti-illegal-immigrant, ALIPAC makes it official: they're anti-immigrant.

* Great moments in theatrical prognostication:
"Let's face it, Hank. There's no life for us in this city, I'm taking my family and I'm moving to Arizona."

* PhotoIcon's contemporary Mexican photography issue is on the stands. And here's a treasure trove of Mexican-ish comic-bookish images soon to be overused on this site.

*Also, there's the Vivir Mexico group on Flickr.

* The 2010 Miss Querétaro competition is heating up. You may glimpse your future here, señoritas.

* Mexican drug lords pull in billions of dollars, and spend it all on teddy bears.

* For two years, that bitch Perez Hilton has been trying to hire away our weekend/overnight sports editor. Good luck affording him now!

* Back in our old job, we used to debate whether a certain colleague would be any good at a certain sex act. We should probably just ask General McChrysal.

* Live from Queretaro, a little alphorn for ya, bitches!


Anonymous said...

That map cannot be correct. The circles are in the ocean.


Burro Hall said...


Rick said...

Please remember that Lara Logan is very good at the task handed her and that is to generate ratings by flaunting her good looks, batting her eyelashes and leave us wondering if she sucks or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Wall Street Journal is not the same as when Peter Kahn was the chief. He was some kind of dictator, but managed to keep the good reputation. Now, the Journal is like an Australian tabloid. Carlos Slim can be proud of his NYT investment.

Anonymous said...

victor said...

Dorian Grey in reverse has just driven them all out of the competition....they are doing Miss Tuscon..

Sr, Magoo said...

WTF the picture is so small I can't see the babes, opps pageant contestants.

Anonymous said...


Jorge Arturo said...
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Jorge Arturo said...

I was part of the organization that brought the alphorn to Queretaro

Burro Hall said...

Apology accepted, Jorge.

And don't worry, Magoo, we've got you covered.