Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Before moving our corporate headquarters to Mexico in 2006, we searched the internet for "Mexico and pugs," and quickly determined that the only person in the whole country who owned one was the writer CM Mayo, who generously advised us that Jesús could be a problematic name for a dog here. She appears to also share our obsession with Emperor Maximilian - though, unlike us, she has written a book and maintains a couple of blogs about him.

* Vaseline introduces a photographic skin-whitening app for Facebook India, but we see no reason it wouldn't work on Mexicans in Arizona. (It will not, however, make you look like Olivia Newton-John.)

* It was just a matter of time before Ry Cooder weighed in on the SB 1070.

* We buy our tortillas by the kilo in a plastic bag, but some people still prefer to make them the old-fashioned way.

* Racial Sensitivity Watch wonkery.

* Mexico Tourism is running a photo contest. Take a trip to Mexico, submit the best picture you took on your trip to Mexico and you can win...a trip to Mexico!

* Querétaro has 14,000 unsold houses, so come on down and make an offer. Apparently, all the intended buyers have moved to the Bronx.

* The Wall Street Journal has an interactive drug-slaughter map. We notice that the situation in Puebla has spiraled up to a record two murders per month, out of a population of barely 5.5 million.

* Juárez, on the other hand, is still worth avoiding.

* Scientology in Mexico. We still prefer them to the Jehovahs.

* The Guanajuato Women's Institute is a government agency that works to assure dignity and equality for all women, as long as they don't have tattoos.

* Kittens make everything sweet.


Anonymous said...

shouldn't Puebla be on the map, too?

Welcome to Tijuana said...

Immigrants should not risk their lives passing through the racist state of Arizona.

Immigrants come to Tijuana where the mexicans will take care of you.

Gracias a que pudo escapar de sus captores, un migrante logró pedir auxilio a las autoridades quienes rescataron a otros 9 indocumentados que estaban privados de la libertad y se aseguraron a 3 de sus plagiarios.

De acuerdo a la Policía Municipal, los detenidos son Jaime Martinez, de 32 años, María Teresa Delgado, de 29, y una mujer que solo se identificó como Rita, de 50 años.

A las primeras horas de este día, la persona que se escapó, llamó a la Policía con un celular que le quitó a sus secuestradores.

Agentes de Policía Municipal de la delegación Presa Rural localizaron a la persona y ésta misma llevó a los oficiales en donde estaban los otros migrantes secuestrados.

Fue así como llegaron a los cerros cercanos al poblado de Agua Clara, en la delegación Presa Rural.

Los oficiales fueron recibidos a tiros por 7 personas que al mismo tiempo se retiraban, los agentes repelieron la agresión y lograron detener a 3; nadie salió herido.

Los migrantes ya fueron entregados a las autoridades correspondientes y manifestaron que los ahora detenidos les estaban exigiendo 3 mil dólares para dejarlos en libertad.