Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Peter O'Toole has done some crazy shit over the years, but we never thought we'd see the day he set foot in Puebla. "When they asked me to come to Mexico to film this picture, I thought, 'What an excellent opportunity to eat tacos, tacos, tacos!'" Famous last words.

* The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin', or so we have read.

* We hate when we read something that makes us re-evaluate the Nixons, but here's one:

On that August day in 1971, hundreds of people assembled on both sides of the border to witness Pat Nixon's visit. After dedicating the new [Border Field State Park], the First Lady requested a member of her security detail to cut a section of the barbed-wire barrier so that she could greet the hundreds of Mexican nationals who came to meet her.

She took an unscheduled plunge into a reaching, waving throng of Mexicans who lined the Tijuana side of the border to witness the ceremonies. Engulfed by Mexican well wishers for almost 15 minutes, the Secret Service looked nervous as the Spanish-speaking crowd surrounded Mrs. Nixon. The mariachi band followed closely behind as she shook hands and hugged children. She turned and said to her escort, "When is this coming down?"

* Jim Cramer is bullish on San Miguel real estate. We expect the town to be awash in decapitated bodies and foreclosed casonas by Monday morning.

* More Mexican violence spilling over into White America. While Obama vacations in the Gulf.

* Our other hometown is also absorbing the worst of Mexican culture. (Of course, it's better than what Germany learned from them...)

* Our new multiple-personality-disorder-afflicted barnacle sent us an ominous note warning us that "the same folks cleaning your house and washing your car will be cutting your throat as soon as the cartels make it easy to get away with it." This totally puts in perspective the maid's habit of hiding the kitchen knives on us. (The local car wash, on the other hand, is far more lucrative than drug-running. No way are those guys selling out to the cartels.)

* New rule: the violence in Mexico may only be exploited by right-wing politicians, not the cosmetics industry.

* Ay! The paintings talk and move! Witchcraft!!

* Mexican babes in Querétaro; Guanajuato; Cabo (by way of Hollywood) and totally old-school, Nuestra Belleza Quintana Roo Ice Age.


Anonymous said...

Ahh Frank...silly you. I was there that beautiful sunny day. The Mexicans were waving splits of tequila. She couldn't get over that fence fast enough!

Francisco said...

"Afghan deserters refer to the women as "BMWs" — Big Mexican Women

The women who help the deserters are like groupies, sources told Many are single and older than the Afghans, who tend to be in their early 20s"


I see the Afghan men have something in common with many mexican men, who also like their BMW's

Anonymous said...

Right....The clock is ticking people.Get your affairs in order down there.....

Anonymous said...

Jim cramer is an a-hole and would be a great new addition to your lousy town. Such an investment where no property taxes mean that there are no services provided . All except for the threat of breakins or the possibility of assault from some of the many gangbangers deported back to their homeland and having a bad attitude about the gringo in general. Oh yes , its a wonderful place indeed.