Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

One of our favorite made-up Mexican words is teibolera, which is Spanglish for "table dancer," which is the what overly-polite Mexicans call strippers. Querétaro has about as many strip clubs as the Vatican, but that hasn't stopped the cartel behind organizers of the Miss Table Dance 2010 contest from moving it to Querétaro this summer. (Well, partly, anyway - like the Olympics, it's being held in multiple venues, including Hidalgo, Edomex and Tlaxclala.) The strip-a-thon culminates here on Sept 17, the day after the bicentennial, just like Creed v. Balboa in Philly back in '76.

That we're planning to cover this is a no-brainer. But what we want to do is take a moment here to announce our availability to judge this thing. Seriously, chicos, we'd add a veneer of international, cosmopolitan respectability to the whole sordid enterprise. Call us.


Dave said...

I can't wait for your live blogging from the event. Buen suerte!

Might I suggest the Dancing Fountains as a venue?

Jorge Arturo said...

Great venue indeed, the dancing fountains of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, it would actually help to bring more people to that plaza.