Friday, July 09, 2010

Old School

Mexican schools are appropriating a classic American approach to student safety:

Schools across Mexico are teaching students to dive to the floor and cover their heads as the violence-torn country sees more urban gunfights between drug gangs.

At least nine shootouts have erupted in school zones since mid-October, three of them in the past month. On June 15, soldiers and gunmen battled for an hour 60 feet from a preschool in the central town of Taxco.

Several Mexican states require "shootout drills" and incorporate them into summer teacher-training courses, which will begin next week. School ends Friday in most of Mexico.

Given how successful "duck and cover" was in the US - absolutely no American schoolkids died in atomic holocausts in the 1950s and 60s - a few cartel hitmen with guns should be no problem at all. The program had to be updated a bit for the 21st Cenutry, of course.

Above all, children should not take pictures or video of the shootout.

"The first thing the kids want to do is take pictures to post on their social networks," says Erika Arciniega, director of crime prevention for the Guerrero state police. "We don't want them to become targets."


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Anonymous said...

Duck and cover saved me more than once! Those bombs never had a chance against the strong wood our desks were made of!
Bullets would be nothing against those desks!