Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pepe Va en Grande!

We're not sure if this means that his predecessor was hated by everyone, or that the citizenry of Querétaro don't really pay attention to stuff, but our current governor, José "Pepe" Calzada, appears to have an astounding 82.5% approval rating, putting him ahead of the Virgin of Guadalupe and just 17 points behind Kim Jong Il.

The 17.5% who hate freedom are probably disappointed by his failure to wear a red guayabera even once since he was elected.

Interestingly, five percent of the population is willing to admit that they've never heard of the governor.

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Anonymous said...

"Al pueblo pan y circo" the only, and mean ONLY thing he has done is remove the automobile tax, and because of that he is so popular, he even sent personalized letters to all citizens this week, saying that he is worried about the economic situation of the families so he removed the automobile tax, good thing since poor families had a lot of cars.

Crime rate in city is still low, but common robbery has increased in downtown, exactly in the zone where Burro Hall HQ are located. This after he took office. The same old PRI tactics.