Thursday, July 01, 2010

Silver Lining

This should spell the end of college exchange students coming to Querétaro and hogging all the good beer-drinking seats on the Plaza for a while.

Six arrested for shooting in Queretaro

Two hours of confrontation between police and suspected criminals elements left in the balance a state trooper was killed and five wounded, and six attackers arrested.

We should have expected this, being just 240 miles from Puebla.

Update: Our well-placed sources (by which we mean third-hand gossip from someone who's related to a guy who knows some cops) say that, for reasons not entirely clear, the Zetas and La Familia are taking off the gloves and fighting over who will control Queretaro. (What there is to control here is the part that's unclear.) We can't say we have a strong preference on which murderous drug gang our fair city ultimately falls prey to, but we know a marketing opportunity when we see one. So, coming soon to the Burro Hall Boutique - Show your cartel pride, queretanos! Let 'em know who you're rooting for!


Anonymous said...

Are you insane? The idiot from the other day will have us all for lunch.Couldn't you write something nice about what the Junior League in Queretero is doing?

Burro Hall said...

Nah. It's still safer than Kansas. I almost got the shit kicked out of me in Kansas once.

Anonymous said...

The best road trip you ever had!!
I love the picture we have of the nice farmer coming after you with the intent of murdering you!! Good times!


Anonymous said...

your mama is funny!

Anonymous said...

is a periodical thing, in 1996 cops and drug dealers had an encounter in front of Club Campestre, 4 cops died.

in 2003 or 4 the Beltran Leyva tried to install a safety house in Milenio III, 12 arrested 2 died.

Now la familia tryied to install safe houses here and one dead and 7 arrested.

We are not excent of the national problem, but as you said still safer than Kansas.

And gossip told me that the police found about the Familia settle down here after the arrest of a car thief that killed a cop, after that they asked for help to the army to stop them.

But we are still safe, Queretaro is not border town (route to consumers on the north) nor has the needed weather to plant or process the product so basically they (merchants) pass by the city when comming south to north, and they actually avoid the city for obvious reasons, there are highways that sorround the city making it faster to pass than through the middle.

Kansas Killers said...

Is the state of Sonora safer tham the state of Kansas?


The unofficial death toll for
Thursday morning’s battle between rival organized criminal groups has reached 29 according to reports coming out of the Nogales, Sonora area. The shootout occurred approximately 12 miles south of the little used border crossing point in the town of Sasabe, Arizona, located in Pima County.

According to Mexican press reports and official statements a large group of gunmen affiliated with the Sinaloa cartel and traveling in more than fifty vehicles was ambushed on the road to Sasabe between the small towns of Tubutama and Saric.

Burro Hall said...

No, it's not. Is the state of Michigan safer than Kansas?