Friday, July 16, 2010

Take My Same-Sex Spouse. Please.

Argentina finally gets around to legalizing gay marriage, earning themselves "First In the Region" status from the hometown paper, even though Mexico City beat them by four months. (Mexico seems more excited by the symbolism rather than the actual "getting married" part, since only 270 same-sex couples have taken advantage of their new civil right, in a city of 20 million.) Anyway, the only reason we're posting this is to note that a perfectly good homo-baiting zinger in English really doesn't carry over into Spanish as well as the anti-gay-marriage forces might have hoped:

In Guatemala, President Álvaro Colom said of gay marriage during his 2007 campaign that “God said ‘Adan and Eva,’ not ‘Adan and Esteban!'"

(The sound of crickets chirping turns out to be the same in Spanish and English.)


Franciso said...

In Mexico where machismo is of the culture.maybe thereare only 270 same-sex couples in all of Mexico City.

Burro Hall said...

I was actually referring to the real Mexico City, not the cartoon version.

Anonymous said...
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Richard Grabman said...

Anonymous... are you saying you are a foreigner, who had permission from INM to marry? If so, and if -- as you say -- a dependenia federal has recognized your marriage (and mazel tov, btw!) then de facto Mexico has same-gender marriage, although such marriages can only be registered in the Federal District... which is likely to change, should the Supreme Court turn down the Calderón Administration's attempts to rescind the District marriage code... and it doesn't look like the Administration's case is going to stand up.

The Burro has my email address and phone numbers.

Burro Hall said...

[the person who originally posted this comment asked me to redact the name of their home state, so I have.]

Interesting your comment today “First in the Region” as that is what INM in ------- told me today when I went to record my same sex marriage from Mexico City. They were unsure how to handle it because they have never had a case; I am the First in the Region (of ----)….. I reminded them that my Acta de Matrimonio is legal and valid in the whole republic and the INM is a dependencia federal that already gave me permission to marry a Mexican, (as required by law)

Anonymous said...

The crickets:

“God said ‘Adan and Eva,’ not ‘Adan and Esteban!'"

Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.


The president of Guatemala knew that it would work in English too.