Friday, July 23, 2010

There No "Yo" In Team

Ironically, before we devoted 500 words to picking on a hapless commenter yesterday, we were planning a little post to say how pleased we are that so many people appear to be commenting lately. We're not sure what caused this - certainly not any increase in the quantity or quality of the posting here - but it's nice to see all you ungrateful bastards getting off your lazy asses and contributing for a change. (Or, to put it another way...gracias.) A silly item this week about a parasailing Russian burro led to a discussion of Ruso-Mexican babes, particularly Olga Breeskyn, which led to someone digging up a video of Olga Breeskyn parasailing. The circle was closed, the Wheel of Life spun on.

That's fuckin' teamwork, people!

In the unlikely event that anyone is curious about our comment policy, we really don't have one. We usually delete the Chinese porn links, and generally take a harsh view of anyone picking on other commenters (specifically, on commenters we like; you can slap the douchebags around all you like). The Board of Directors doesn't intend to disable anonymous commenting, but would encourage the bashful to at least make up some bullshit name so as to avoid having too many Anonymouses talking over each other. (Unless your name really is Anonymous, of course.)


Dave said...

Parasailing Russian Burro videos silly? I considered it more in the realm of investigative journalism.

Of course this is coming from someone who could be amused and fascinated by dog grooming posts.

Anonymouses? Anonymice?

Burro Hall said...

"Anonymi," now that I think about it.

Dave said...

Thanks, I feel better now.

Francisco said...

Are Japanese Porn Links Deleted?

Burro Hall said...

Oh hell no.

Anonymous said...

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