Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Risk It?

A bunch of Failed State of Arizona bureaucrats - specifically, coroners from counties bordering Mexico - are pushing back against FSoAZ governess Jan Brewer's claim that her state is ankle-deep in severed heads chopped of by Mexican immigrants:

The Arizona Guardian contacted coroners’ offices in Yuma, Pima, Pinal, Maricopa, Santa Cruz and Cochise counties. All of the said they’d never investigated an immigration-related crime in which someone’s head had been cut off within their respective jurisdictions.

Their statements are significant because their offices would have investigated and known about any violent deaths.

Well, color us unconvinced. If the Sarah Palin of the West tells us her state is in the grips of a blood-soaked Mexican crime wave, with drug mules running wild, sawing off heads and deliberately causing car crashes, that's good enough for us. Out of sympathy for their plight, we are officially ending our call for a boycott of Arizona. However, a Burro Hall Travel Advisory for the FSoAZ is now in effect, and we strongly urge our readers and their loved ones to steer well clear of the state until Gov. Brewer sounds the all-clear.


Secretaría de Turismo said...

Bienvenidos a Chihuahua !!!!!!

Un ataque con coche bomba contra una caravana policial dejó cuatro muertos y 11 heridos, en el primer atentado de este tipo en Ciudad Juárez, frontera de México con Estados Unidos, donde operan carteles del narcotráfico, anunció este viernes un comandante militar.

Burro Hall said...

Jesus, that Arizona violence is spilling over everywhere! Juarez isn't even near Tuscon.

Cerca De La Frontera said...

Esto paso el 2 de Junio 2010: Un enfrentamiento entre dos grupos rivales de presuntos narcotraficantes dejó 21 muertos hoy jueves en el municipio de Tubutama, Sonora, cerca de la frontera con Estados Unidos, informó la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado del Estado (PGJE).

Anonymous said...

NO fair! Translate into English for the rest of us who are boycotting AZ!


Anonymous said...

Here, BH's Mom -

#1 - Welcome to Chihuahua!
A car bomb attack against a police convoy left 4 dead & 11 wounded, in the first attack of this kind in Cd. Juarez, on the border of Mexico and the US, where the drug cartels operate, a military commander announced.

#2 - This happened on June 2, 2010: a confrontation between 2 rival groups of presumed drug traffickers left 21 dead today, Thursday, in the municipality of Tubutama, Sonora, near the US border, reported the Atty General for State Law of the State (of Sonora) (PGJE).

Anonymous said...

It seems Jan Brewer is senile and very very VERY confused

Burro Hall said...

I wanted to post some similar stories about the violence in AZ, but the media there are obviously to intimidated to publish anything. But the governor's word is good enough for me, and so I'm still urging everyone to stay away until she says the wetback crime wave is over.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Jan Brewer, flip flopping John McCain, Just Dumb "JD" Hayworth, and the rest of the good, right wing, white, people of Arizona. Hell everyone knows the Messicans are conspiring to set up an Aztec State, an to, as ol JD Hayworth said, "eliminate the culture of Western Civilization that has been established in Arizona ".

Hells bells! Those Messicans are downright savage, the might end up putting the white race on reservations and giving out blankets with small pox disease on them.
Save the white race in Arizona, get rid of the Messicans!
More money for Sheriff Joe and his Messican hatin Posse!
Get the God fearin, Border protecting, red "White" and blue waving, "Minuetmen" patriots more money for new lawn chairs, ATV', AK's, Uzi's, Mini Macs, McDonalds "Big Mac Super Meals",
Messican hating cowboy hats, and "Girls gone Wild" videos for killing time while on patrol.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous.


Racist From Arizona said...

Anonymouse is right the whites are racist !!!

Anonymous said...

Why do the racist of Arizona think this can happen on the north side of the border? The drug cartels wold never commit crimes in AmeriKKKa.


PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico – Gunmen stormed a party in northern Mexico on Sunday and massacred 17 people, authorities said.

The assailants arrived at the gathering in the city of Torreon in several cars and opened fire without saying a word, the Coahuila state Attorney General's Office said in statement. At least 18 people were wounded.

Burro Hall said...

It happens in Arizona all the time. Mexicans chop everyone's heads off there. It's true.