Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Hello To Arms

We're a few days late with this, due to a horrific stomach ailment we'd rather not discuss in detail, but for the past few weeks we'd been seeing posters all over town announcing "San Juan Bosco Comes to Querétaro." It never occurred to us to take this literally, since Don Bosco the founder of the Salesian order of priests, has been dead for over 120 years. So it was surprising to see the entire, preserved corpse of Juan Bosco rolling off a truck in a specially constructed Saintmobile.

Turns out His Saintliness has been on tour throughout Mexico since pretty much all month, rolling from city to city in his hermetically sealed glass coffin to the joy of the faithful and gawkers alike. And if that's not weird enough, it turns out that the body is actually just a creepy plastic replica, but inside it is an urn that contains the remains of his actual, formerly-attached-to-his-body right arm.

We understand it's fashionable to hate on Islam these days, but, man, Catholicism is a seriously strange religion.


Anonymous said...

OK. That's officially creepy!


Dave said...

Not as creepy as the real body!

Brings to mind the story of a Catholic saint on display in India (of all places) where one of the devotees bit off a toe. Nothing like having a little to take home with you.

Anonymous said...

Been there, amigo:

Red Gatorade is my Valium in these instances.

(I found this old post by searching for the word "shitting." Good times, good times.) said...

The 72 bodies found at a ranch in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas could be those of a group of illegal immigrants headed for the U.S. border, the Mexican government said Wednesday.

The preliminary investigation determined that the dead were from El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador and Brazil.

Burro Hall said...

- Wow, that's enough for a gross of holy relics!

- Thanks, Joy. I've been through four bottles of the limonada flavor.