Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sábado Gigante

*While you're wasting time reading this, a group of Italians has been constructing a fortified compound near Oxkutzcab, Yucatán, where they plan to ride out the end of the world as (allegedly) predicted by the Mayan calendar on Dec 21, 2012 - though it seems to us that the heart of the Mayan Empire might be the worst possible place to be on that date. The compound is reportedly overlooked by a statue of the Greek goddess Athena, though perhaps the goddess Nike might have been a more appropriate choice.

* Department of Confident Predictions: "Calderon warns 'there will be more violence.'"

* Seventy-two immigrants found dead in Tamaulipas this week. Just 100 fewer than have been found in the Failed State of Arizona this year.

* "The high unemployment rate and proximity to the border is making for fertile recruiting ground, as investigators say drug and human-smuggling cartels are singling out individuals desperate for money and employment." God, what a corrupt, failure-soaked shithole.

* The so-called "anchor babies": another case of Mexicans doing the jobs Americans won't.

* Miss Universe lawyering up for a possible run at Miss USA 2012?

* Of course, there's always Querétaro in 2085.

* Speaking of cheesecake, the andador outside our offices has become the go-to location for low-rent glamor photo shoots - including using our corporate headquarters as a backdrop. Our attorneys will be in touch to work out a "payment plan."

* If you still haven't made plans for September 11th, watching women in tight pants fighting bulls to the death seems like a pretty good way to offend al Qaeda.

* A Momentary Lapse of Reason: We're embarrassed not to have known about the Pink Floyd - Carrera Panamericana connection. Video here.

* Because you never know when you might need it, the indigenous ladies who seel cheap crap around town will soon be offering classes in the Otomí language, Ñahañú, on Tuesdays in Plaza Fundadores.

* Everyone else seems to have posted this video this week, so we will, too:

More vintage Mexican videos here.

* Jose Cuervo wants you to grow a mustache in time for Independence Day - even though none of the major figures of the Independence movement were mustachioed. Well, okay, maybe one...

* Yes, we laughed when we read that Mexico was launching a Space Agency. But this a country that can achieve great things when it puts its collective mind to it. ¡Hasta Jupiter, cabrones!


Anonymous said...

"Just 100 fewer than have been found in the Failed State of Arizona this year."

I didn't know the immigrants in Arizona were murdered.

"Migrants running the gauntlet up Mexico to reach the United States have long faced extortion, violence and theft. But reports have grown of mass kidnappings of migrants, who are forced to give the telephone numbers of relatives in the United States or back home who are then required to transfer ransom payments to the abductors."

How many immigrants are raped, or held for ransom in Arizona?

"Marisolina spoke of the fear she had of this man who always had a weapon in hand and took great pleasure in constantly abusing the immigrants he held captive. "I told him I imagined (because of the dirty clothes) he worked on the trucks which were used to transport the Central Americans."

"El Perro" let out a hardy laugh and replied: "I'm the butcher. I don't do any type of mechanics. My job is to I get rid of the trash that doesn't pay."

Failed State of Arizona said...

We all need to see these videos of the danger in Arizona !!!!!!!

Racismo En Arizona said...

Marchan migrantes en Coahuila por matanza en Tamaulipas
"Nuestros países nos niegan oportunidades de desarrollo, pero México nos niega la oportunidad de existir", lamentan

North America's Next Killing Field said...

Gunmen tie up clerk, steal money from gas station in Swampscott

Two gunmen held up the Gulf Station at 197 Essex St. Thursday shortly after 10:30 p.m., tying up a female clerk and hauling off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police said the suspects entered the store and pulled handguns out of their waistbands. One of the men tied up the woman while the other threatened to shoot the male clerk if he did not turn over the money.

Mexican Killing Field Gunmen??? said...

I see that the "Killing Field" gunmen were hispanic, I wonder if they are mexican.


"Cassidy described the suspects as Hispanic males but did not give any further description, such as approximate heights or ages."

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the hell out of Swampscott! It's becoming a frightening place to live. Once, we only had to worry about vandals putting blue stuff in someone's birdbath!
Now this!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

¡Hasta Jupiter, cabrones! - Cracked me up! You should re-work that image you put together regarding the Mexican moon landing. Perhaps you could include the perro and current lead cat. I'm still waiting for the t-shirt.

Dave said...

Not to change the subject from an otherwise uplifting discussion, but kudos on the new that the actual perro. If so, he looks quite different sans tongue...I had to do a double take.

D said...

Er, that should read "perro?"

Burro Hall said...

Yes, that's him. The the toungeless look is sort of like a supermodel wearing glasses - instant intellectual.

Anonymous said...

"pequeños cohetes para estudios en la atmósfera" -- is this space article from the Mexico version of The Onion?
La Cebolla?

victor said...

Great pic del dia!!

Anonymous said...

Perro Hall.

Anonymous said...

Barbie capture in Mexico last afternoon:

Arizona Imigrant Murders said...

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — Paula Cruz wept quietly at the foreign ministry office in El Salvador's capital after reporting that her son was missing - apparently kidnapped - in Mexico.

"I got a phone call asking me to send $2,500 to ransom him," the 77-year-old mother said, clutching the last letter she received from her 43-year-old son. "I didn't have the money. I don't know if he is alive or dead."

Cruz fears her son may be one the 72 migrants found shot to death in northern Mexico last week. She is one of hundreds of people who streamed to government offices in Central America after news of the massacre spread, searching for news of relatives who went missing after setting out through Mexico hoping to reach the United States.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, family members' descriptions did not match the bullet-ridden bodies found in heaps at a ranch in the state of Tamaulipas. Instead, rights workers say, the missing migrants may be part of a huge toll of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of migrants killed by organized crime gangs and whose bodies may have been hacked up, dissolved in acid or buried in unmarked paupers graves.

The true number of undocumented migrants killed in Mexico in recent years may never be known, but they would almost certainly dwarf the number discovered last week. Mexico's National Human Rights Commission said there were witness accounts of 198 mass kidnappings involving 9,758 victims in a six month-period in 2009.