Friday, August 13, 2010

The Pride of Querétaro

Well, we've made it nearly 66 hours in Mexico without being beheaded (seriously, we're as surprised as anyone), but there's always tomorrow. Or after lunch today. Querétaro hasn't changed much since we've been away, though we imagine correspondents have been writing that exact same line since about 1532. The perro was ecstatic for a good 90 seconds after we walked through the door, before settling into a state of studied indifference, which he shakes himself out of whenever it occurs to him that there's now another pair of opposable thumbs capable of opening the refrigerator door.

We're still waiting for our replacement (i.e., "scab") interns to complete their training course, so we're a little behind in compiling goofball local items. Our favorite of the moment is the recent suggestion by PRI official Enrique Fausto that Querétaro's bar and restaurant owners should establish separate "gay-only" seating areas for homosexual customers in order to spare hetero customers a "spectacle." Predictably, Dr. Fausto is getting a lot of flack from the Political Correctness Police, but we say let 'em whine. We just got back from four months working in the Chelsea district of New York, so we can tell you that the surest way to avoid a spectacle is to herd the city's gay population into one place and give them alcohol.

Enrique Fausto, visionary...we salute you.


Joy said...

Is that you with the rainbow-colored feather boa wings? (You always seemed like the type.)

Burro Hall said...

Does that look like my thong, Joy?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I´M new here. love the page and it is the top 7 to check every morning. I have been living here ( full time) going on 10 years) and still need this type of ¿¿ NEWS ??
But please tell me it was not you in the feathered boa!

Burro Hall said...

Okay...I'm not the one in the feathered boa.

Anonymous said...

Burros and Gay Pride the combination is pure art.