Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Earlier this week, a bus crashed into a trailer on the highway near Querétaro. Fortunately, the State Police arrived quickly...and proceeded to rob the traumatized passengers. So it was heartening to see today that "The United States will withhold about $26 million promised for Mexico’s drug war because of concerns that the country has not done enough to protect its people from police and military abuse." Fuck tha Police.

* The hometown paper gives Machete a rave:
Although laughter is the appropriate response to this pulpy, lighthearted gorefest, its pro-Mexican, anti-American stance is so gleefully inflammatory that some incensed nativists may refuse to get the joke.
    Cue Fox News's incensed nativists...
* If, like us, you think Rick Bayless is a bit of a tool, his pissing match with America's only Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic will do nothing to change your opinion.

* Once again, we call on Obama to finish the danged fence so foreign criminals will stop ruining our country with their murderous drug smuggling.

* Gov Brewer doesn't want you to boycott her failed state, but definitely wants you to know that if you come and try to spend money there, your head will be chopped off. So it's your call, really.

* It's a shame she won't let immigrants into her failed state, because they boost wages overall, but only among workers proficient in English... so we can understand why she feels threatened.

* Speaking of freaking out the right wing: My Big Fat Gay Mexican Honeymoon.

* Not that women make them any more comfortable, of course.

* Congratulations to Burro Hall Editor Emeritus Jim Margolis seen here picking up his eighth Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design last weekend.

* How to season a molcajete. So now you know.

* Forget it, Jake.

* Mexico needs to get over its flag fetish in a hurry.

* La Corregidora's contribution to Mexican History, shown more or less in real time (:31 sec).

* Why is this man laughing?

* They shot him before we could make him an offer, but we've decided to adopt the guy's editorial suggestions as our new Mission Statement. Fuck you, babies.

* And then we'll redesign our conference room.

* Via Malcolm Beith, another side of Juárez.

* And via La Plaza, another side of El Paso.

* Please don't feed the burros.


Anonymous said...

Arizona Failed State said...

"There are lots more dead migrants, they just haven't found them," says the 20-year-old Honduran, speaking at a shelter for migrants run by nuns in Reynosa.

Unlike those at the ranch who were travelling in one large group and kidnapped by an armed commando, Félix (whose name has been changed) was alone when he was picked up by a policeman. In an example of the official collusion that human rights activists have long claimed endangers migrants in Mexico, the officer took him to a Zeta safe house and left him there.

For a week he was a side-show for gunmen who beat him with planks and pistol handles and gave him electric shocks to intensify his screams when they put him on the phone to his poverty-stricken family, demanding money for his release. The rest of the time, he says, he was forced to watch his captors going about the more serious business of torturing information out of captured members of the Gulf cartel by cutting off different pieces of their bodies each day for about a week. Then they were killed, their mutilated bodies burnt to dust on the mountainside.

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Anonymous said...

So stop smoking "therapeutic" pot so this does not happen anymore.

victor said...

Frank, you can get shot down here taking certain fotos! Fabulous!