Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It Might Get Loud

Fourth of July fireworks for tonight, being handled in a way perfectly consistent with OSHA regulations.

And because when it comes to public security, the city of Querétaro will spare no expense to look like they're doing something about nonexistent risks, there will be exactly 1,028 local police officers and 500 state police officers (all armed with machine guns) patrolling the streets of the Centro tonight, with 11 security checkpoints, 221 surveillance cameras, two mobile command centers and, as we can see out the window of our corner office right now, at least one police helicopter. This is in addition to the countless Mexican army troops, whose deployment details have not been made public. Basically, if you're planning to rob and murder someone anywhere other than in the Centro, tonight's the night to do it. The midnight fireworks should cover the noise of your victim's screams. Viva!


Dave said...

Looks like some celebration. Good luck trying to sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how's this for a quote courtesy of the Mexico Cooks blog:

"Today, Mexico is as it has always been: a country of profound contrasts. Life parties with death in 2010 just as much as it did in 1810 and 1910. The road behind us and before us is littered with confetti and spent shell casings. Our continuing task is to find la ruta a la independencia (the path to independence)."

As for sleeping, maybe you can whittle away the hours playing poker, smoking cigars, and drinking tequila with El Perro.

Frank said...

How many borrachos will be screaming at the same time, it might be louder than the cuetes.