Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Mexico's assistant secretary of health denies Mexico is the fattest nation on earth: "If we compare ourselves with smaller countries we're in first place, since next to them our numbers are greater, but percentage-wise, we're at a lower level." Which is total bullshit, but sounds good.

* On the other hand, a look at the actual OECD Report seems to pretty clearly state that Americans are fatter than Mexicans. This ain't over, bitches.

* Via Gancho, a fabulous story of American justice:
A man convicted of trafficking cocaine will be resentenced after a federal judge made a slew of inflammatory comments about his Mexican heritage, including tangential references to Iranian terrorists, Hugo Chavez and Adolf Hitler's dog

Noting Figueroa's Mexican descent, [US District Judge Rudolph] Randa had made a number of comments about Mexico's contribution to drug and immigration issues in the United States, angrily referring to Figueroa and his family as "you people" several times.
* Why is this little guy sweating so much?

* “Philosophers have often looked for the defining feature of humans — language, rationality, culture and so on. I’d stick with this: Man is the only animal that likes Tabasco sauce.”

* Some of Jan Brewer's best friends are brown people. It's just that they can go fuck themselves, that's all.

* In the category of People Not Thinking Things All the Way Through, we can add Mexican Nazis.

* More Mexican corruption - now spilling over into America.

* Which is not to say that Mexico hasn't learned anything from the US. Extrajudicial lynchings, for instance.

* Presenting Querétaro's press corps. We're surprised there's more than three of them, frankly.

* LIFE Magazine archives online!

* We got ladder-makers in our family tree, and can assure you this is not sanctioned behavior.

* Colbert gets truthy on immigration.

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Anonymous said...

When I first got married my stepson (in grade 10) was really big on the Nazi, skinhead thing. I asked him one day if he understood that if "they" had won He and his family may have been the next target. He had no idea what the Nazis did in the war.
Daniel being Daniel did a bit of his own research and that was the end of that.
I found it amazing world history in schools here is lacking at best. My wife has learned more on the History Channel than she ever did in school.