Thursday, September 02, 2010

To The Bitter End

Our editorial board has long maintained that Mexico can in fact be a dangerous place, but that the dangers a bit more quotidian than the ones you might read about in the newspapers. The execution-style slaying of 72 Central American migrants en route to El Norte may make for flashy headlines, but the nation's highways, packed bumper-to-bumper with cars driven by Mexicans, is where the real danger lurks. Our tree-hugging credentials are second to no one's, yet we often wish that our huge, gas-guzzling SUV was a good deal heavier and less fuel-efficient.

Case in point: Yesterday, in Mexico City, a trailer truck carrying the bodies of 56 of those 72 massacred migrants smashed into two cars, pinning a minor in between the vehicles and seriously injuring her. As the dead bodies in the truck are one of the biggest stories in Mexico right now, it's a little like getting run over by Justin Beiber.


Anonymous said...

That's just too sad for words.


Anonymous said...

I saw the pictures, there was a young lady under the wheels, but alive and she was going to be fine. The driver went to jail for 24hrs. It's all just bad bad bad bad luck. Poor Mexico....meanwhile the president says he's winning. At the cost of some 5,000 people per kinping

Anonymous said...

La abuela de la Barbie

Anonymous said...

Latest news. The lady lost one leg. The drives is in jail. Jinx.