Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where Absolutely No One Knows Your Name

Driving down Constituyentes the other night, we noticed attached to the Hotel Casablanca a brand new bar with a name that seemed both completely natural and wildly out of context:

We've learned over the years that most queretanos couldn't locate our hometown on a map, if they've even heard of it at all, so an entire Boston-themed bar in the middle of Querétaro (a city which, to be fair, most Bostonians have never heard of, either) seemed...well, auspicious, at least. We slid across four lanes of traffic and parked halfway on the sidewalk, and ran inside. Suffice it to say, "Boston-themed" is overstating it somewhat.

The walls did feature backlit photos of Beantown - the Charles River, Back Bay, the Hancock tower, etc. But the beer choices are Cornona or Victoria, no Sam Adams; the menu is all pizza, no clam chowder; and there's not a Red Sox pennant to be seen. (On the other hand, there's no meathead assholes from Southie there, either, so it's a trade-off.) The faux wood paneling, faux leather seats, neon lights and loud music make the place feel like an upscale strip club without strippers. The bar is owned by a guy named Cevallos, who lived for years in Boston, and whose family owns the hotel and apparently most of the buildings in a two block radius. (Related to this Cevallos, perhaps? We didn't ask.)

Anyway, despite its mediocrity, we'd like this place to stay open, if only to help our Sister Cities bid, so if you're in town, check it out on Constituyentes and Ignacio Perez. You'll be able to spot it by the life-size statue of a half-naked female pirate with 44FF breasts - which is just, like, wicked Bostonian.


Anonymous said...

I'm one of the few Queretanos that do know Boston, what a great city, I simply love it, and loved the Clam Chowder and I like the one served in Cheers the one in Faneuil Hall.

That city is so far the only city which I like to live in the US

The Mex Files said...

OK, just as long as you don't let Bostonians DRIVE in Mexico we'll be safe. Come to think of it, they shouldn't let Bostonians drive in Boston.

Burro Hall said...

Let's just say Boston drivers integrate seamlessly into Mexican traffic. It's about the only thing that wasn't an adjustment.

Anonymous - maybe we need to organize a Boston Night some time.

Matt said...

Ok, I guess I'll beat everyone to it: Nice rack. Hopefully the waitresses dress accordingly...