Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bigger Than Jesus

Around here, we tend to think of the Diocese of Querétaro as a throwback to the 17th Century, given its rejection of scientific advances such as - to choose a random example here - contraception, and its insistence that gunpowder and iron bells are an still effective means of communication. So we were a little surprised to read in the paper that the Diocese has a Facebook page. On the other hand, we were somewhat delighted to read that God's self-appointed emissary in Querétaro had 35 fewer friends than we do.

But then we plugged in our trusty 286 and received another surprise: we're not the only ones who read the paper in this town (seriously, we've had our doubts), and 56 readers appear to have friended the D of Q overnight.

That means we need at least 22 new friends in order to make the Baby Jesus cry. We can do this, people! Just click here to send a message that the world's worst blog can be more beloved that God Himself, even in a city with 730,000 Catholics.

Update: Thanks to the eight of you who have so far heeded the call! This afternoon, Querétaro's oldest religious bookstore, the Libreria Sagrado Corazon, is closing its doors after 104 years. We've got them on the run, people!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Sort of reminiscent of Lennon (if I remember right) saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. At least you don't have them as competition.