Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!! (Carrera Panamerican Edition)

Driving back from Polotitlán this afternoon, we noticed a few cars around us seemed to have more corporate sponsorship than the average Mexican family out for a drive. Apparently, we had wandered into the middle of the Carrera Panamericana, which is stopping in Querétaro this evening.

The presence of several dozen race cars rocketing through the streets of Querétaro (which do not appear to have been closed for the event) seems as good a time as any to offer up another installment of Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!! This one was taken on the road leading out of San Miguel de Allende:

We're pretty sure we'd never let the perro hang his head out the window like that, but we're just a bunch of overcautious gringos afraid to watch a loved one die in a mass of twisted wreckage. Anyway, in case you've forgotten the rules: we occasionally publish pictures of dangerously uncarseated children with the intention of publicly shaming their parents or caregivers. If the parent or caregiver sees the picture, experiences genuine shame, and writes us a letter acknowledging the error of their ways, Burro Hall Enterprises will buy that family a child car seat and help them install it. Letters of shame and contrition can be sent to the email address at right.

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