Sunday, October 17, 2010

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!!

In keeping with today's automotive theme, we recently read that, in Mexico, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in children and adolescents, and the second-leading cause of orphanhood. So it seems as good a time as any to re-inaugurate the Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!! The rules are simple: from time to time we'll publish a picture of a dangerously uncarseated child, with the intention of publicly shaming their parents or caregivers. If the parent or caregiver sees the picture, experiences genuine shame, and writes us a letter acknowledging the error of their ways, Burro Hall Enterprises will buy that family a child car seat and help them install it.

Here's a shot we took a couple of weeks ago at a red light in the center of town:

(And because we're not unaware that it's unfair to impose the economic standards of one country on the population of another, we'll point out that Daddy is driving a Ford Expedition, a vehicle our wealthy gringo Executive Editor once considered buying but discovered he couldn't even remotely afford it. Car seats start at 90 bucks at Costco.)

Previous episodes of child endangerment here and here. BHCSGM!! has no time limit, so these scofflaws are still eligible for a free car seat, assuming their children are still alive.

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Anonymous said...

Car seats? Fuck that shit! This weekend we drove up to Puebla from Oaxaca for a Home Depot fix...We followed a pickup loaded with moving crap in the back. The "moving crap" was being held down by what looked like a middle schooler, who was being tossed all over the top of same "moving crap"!