Sunday, October 31, 2010

Could It Be....SATAN??

As they do every year, the Diocese of Querétaro has insisted that the city's faithful not participate in "the occult celebrations, invocations of witchcraft and satanic pacts" known as Halloween. (And when we say "insisted," we mean they actually threw a press conference.) In an especially cynical touch, the spokespriest pointed to the "wave of violence" in the country as a reason to remain vigilant against costumed children asking for candy.

Then padre Juan Manuel Pérez took the microphone and explained, "When I was an exorcist..." which we're pretty sure is the worst possible way to start to an anti-Halloween lecture. Padre Pérez would have us believe that every Halloween he was called upon to deal with cases of genuine satanic possession of people who'd taken part in graveyard rituals, "which are a door to the occult that comes from the United States." Apparently, the assembled press corps made no efforts to have the poor man committed, or at least confined to bed rest for a few days.

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