Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day of the Undead

We know this city is overcrowded - we haven't moved our car in four years for fear of losing such a convenient parking space - but we were still surprised to learn that the cities eight burial grounds are close to their maximum capacity. Ninety-four percent full, to be precise (Lord, how Mexican officials love precise data).  So if you're barely clinging to life or thinking about ending it all, you may not want to put it off any longer.

Just kidding!  See, in Querétaro (and we think all of Mexico, but are not sure), being dead does not actually guarantee you the right to stay in your grave, and after a respectful period of time you can be moved out and your spot given to the nouveau mort. So, starting more or less right away, the Municipal Services Dept. will undertake (thank you, thank you very much...) "an exhumation project intended to free up between 1000 - 2000 spaces."  And, hey, what could possibly go wrong?


forever said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Burro Hall said...

Oh, shut up, Mom.

Diane said...

This is an aside but how about writing a blog in support of the 20 year old woman who just assumed the responsibility of the head of police in one of the border states....cause no one else would. She needs the support of all of Mexico and the US.


Maybe we can start a movement regarding this if enough bloggers show support. Perhaps it will take a woman to bring peace and security back to Mexico!

Burro Hall said...

Thanks, Diane. We thought about it, but assumed she'd be dead before we could get it posted. If she makes it to the weekend, we'll get on it.

Jorge Arturo said...

You still can buy a perpetual place to be buried, but those are more expensive.

Anonymous said...

The new 20 year old police chief Marisol Valles Garcia should move to Arizona, she would be safe there.

A good looking young women like her will have lots of men willing to protect her in Arizona.