Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Me Decade

Ten years ago today, a young pug from Kennebunk, Maine, officially joined the staff of Burro Hall for a one-time fee of $600, plus a $100 stipend for getting his balls chopped off (a company policy we've since rescinded).

Over the subsequent decade, we estimate this astonishingly self-absorbed little canine has consumed 15 times his body weight in baby carrots, and spent eight of the last ten year asleep - six of those with his head resting on a human's lap. Apart from that, it's fair to say his contributions to the company and to the world in general total exactly nothing. Best hire we ever made. Here's to the next decade...


Dave said...

Felicidades, Jesús!

And I though he was just window dressing.

Where the heck is Brooklin? Don't they teach geography in Maine? Must be south of Kennebonk.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jesus! You don't look a day over sixty!

Tio Loco