Monday, October 18, 2010

The Reconquista Continues

Over the weekend, Mexico added yet another world record to its credit, in yet another category in which it would be inconceivable for it to be held by anyone other than Mexico: The World's Largest Enchilada. At 230 feet in length and half a ton in weight, the enchilada prepared in the Mexico City neighborhood of Iztapalapa absolutely crushed the (in retrospect, laughable) record set last year in Las Cruces "New" Mexico. On the other hand, speaking of laughable:

Mexico City tourism secretary Alejandro Rojas said 'With this Guinness record we are showing the world that Iztapalapa is a high-level tourist destination.'

Yes, the World's Largest Enchilada is exactly what will draw more tourism to Mexico.


Anonymous said...

don't we already think of Mexico as being the world's biggest enchilada?

tepetapan said...

I´m booking a 5 day, 4 night all inclusive stay in Iztapalapa today! I want some of that enchilada.