Saturday, October 23, 2010

Road Trip!

We'll be away for a couple of days inaugurating a new bureau in Polotitlán. We've having a little trouble with name, but we've created this mnemonic device to help remember it.

We were thinking of selling t-shirts to help defray the overhead, until we realized that in Spanish this would be polo-teta-RAL, which doesn't mean anything. (Polotitlán, on the other hand, means "land of the Polos," the latter being the surname of the Spaniards who settled it.)

According to the Wikipedias, the two most remarkable structures in town are a small bandstand and a clock, the land is basically unfarmable, and "there are also some small industries and family workshops making clothing, candles, cushions and concrete." Needless to say, we're gonna rock their backwards little world.

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