Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Independence Fever: And You Don't Stop! The bicentennial has been over for three weeks now, so of course today kicks off the Olympic Bicentennial Festival in Mexico City, despite the fact that the Mexico City Olympics were held only 42 years ago. It's nice to see Mexicans early for something. But when the Olympic Bicentennial is actually celebrated in 2168, we're sure it will look exactly like this.

* Congratulations to Mario Vargas Llosa for beating us out for the Nobel Prize in Literature. We look forward to the next several years of Mexicans pretending The Feast of the Goat is their favorite book.

* We're generally in favor of legalizing all sorts of stuff, not just drugs, but if we were president of a country that's lost 30,000 people in a drug war fought at Uncle Sam's behest, we'd probably feel the same way Calderón does.

* The Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico has an exhibit of side-by-side photos of the city taken 100 years apart. The kind of thing Burro Hall readers get for free.

* Geo Mexico calls us one of their favorite blogs; we return the favor! Also, a big buena suerte to the staff of Midwesterner in Mexico, soon to be relocating north of the border.

* Americans are kind of infamous for their geographic illiteracy, which is maybe why so many of them confuse Mexico with Colombia.

* Oh, hey, no pressure. Nike really knows how to stress a young athlete out.

* We are somewhat amused...with ourselves, at least.

* Intel is searching for the Oldest Laptop in Mexico. We guarantee it's still being used, probably by the Mexican Immigration Office.

* Mexican politics = awesome. (Be sure to click the video link.)

* We'll give Lou Dobbs points for consistency. After years of enriching himself by exploiting illegal immigrants on the air, doing it off the air is simply the honest option.

* But seriously, are there any Mexicans at all who don't find themselves exploited in the US? Of course, we know Viacom would never do anything like this, and it's all a big misunderstanding.

* CNN, the Most Trusted Name in News.

* The Week in Full-Frontal Nudity: Miss September Olivia Collins signs copies of Playboy in Querétaro; Burro Hall Contributing Sports Editor Ines Sainz declines the magazine's generous offer (Fun fact: the revolving door between newscasting and nudity is so prevalent here that a prohibition against posing naked is actually written into TV Azteca's contracts); Jessica Alba wasn't really naked in Machete.

* Non-rhetorical question: can anyone explain to us why Machete hasn't yet opened in Mexico?

* Some amazing photos of the Bicentennial.

* And a few pictures of beautiful Arizona. Sadly, there were no Mexicans to blame. (Incidentally, in case Mexicans are wondering if Arizonans hate all foreigners, the answer is no, just Mexicans.)

* Day of the Dead: food-chain edition.

* If life in Mexico sucks so bad, why in the last two years have only 497 people taken advantage of the fact that euthanasia is legal here?

* And this is, we promise, the last post about the General.


Anonymous said...

I will never use an illegal immigrant while living in the U.S.

I will not
1) Have my Car Washed at a Car Wash
2) Never order food from a Drive Thru window.
3) Eat at restaurant
4) Hire a contractor to work omy house.
5)Stay at Hotel

I hear these industries employ illegal immigrants, Lou Dobbs should do the same !!!

Midwesterner in Mexico said...

Thanks much for the well-wishes! Hope to catch you guys on your next trip to the greater NYC/DC metro area... ;)