Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* The decidedly non-miraculous (how 'bout we give human ingenuity a little credit for once) rescue of the Chilean miners is the story of the week. La Plaza reminds us, though, that most trapped Latin American miners don't get book deals. Amazingly, there was only one Mexican involved in the mine rescue. And the Mole Men were nowhere to be found.

* Our (sadly, anonymous) Commenter of the Week:

Are you kidding me? Are you really this blatantly ignorant, or are you STUPID? I Honestly can't believe you've even posted this GARBAGE on the internet.... Wow. Don't ever post again.

* On the other hand, we're no longer the most pretentious artistic endeavor in town.

* The nativists going crazy over Machete would probably love El Infierno, if not for the fact that it's Mexican and therefore hateful.

* And don't you just hate these fucking anchor babies? (And it looks like there's plenty more where she came from. The immigrant haters haven't figured out that if they keep making it more physically difficult to get into the US, only the healthiest, longest-lived Mexicans will come here. And then they'll become citizens and vote Democrat for the next 101 years, thus putting Aryan children at risk. Punk'd!)

* "People have been killed in collisions with large cows...” Seriously, does any place suck worse than the Failed State of Arizona?

* "The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit isn't interested in what Gov. Jan Brewer has to say about Mexico." Yeah, join the club.

* This is exactly what it's like when Mexicans cross the border between Mexico and Louisiana:

...and then they take all that welfare money and spend it on hookers.

* Of course, when you're dealing in anti-immigrant propaganda, nothing is ever what it seems.

* But we're sure the new Fox News Latino will be an excellent source of fair and balanced reporting.

* Memo to Vicente Fox: having Elton John play your private party stopped being cool around the time of America's bicentennial. (Related: for more tales of Elton John playing private parties than you could ever possibly need, check our our childhood friend Deborah Ball's new book, House of Versace.)

* Memo to our family: if we ever find ourselves kidnapped, please make "pay the kidnappers a shitload of money" the first thing you do, not something you decide to do six months later.

* Mexico may not have a lot of money, but the money it has is apparently the most beautiful in the world. (The 1863 Maximiliano commemorative coin, not so much.)

* If the senseless violence in Monterrey causes the Jonas Brothers to cancel a concert, shouldn't we call it sensible violence?

* The Week in Pipe Bombs: Swampscott 1, Querétaro 0.

Update: Actually, Swampscott 3.

* Turns out, the block we live on isn't big enough for three Massachusetts-born writers from New York City, so the other two have fled back to the United States and are now dead to us. Here's a group shot from the goodbye party held after hours at the Burro Hall offices.

* Next week, Cuernavaca hosts the Feria Internacional de la Cecina, which in English would be "Beef Jerkyfest 2010."

* Mexico just got a brand new Holocaust museum, which we're hoping the folks at its other Holocaust museum might learn something from.

* Of the thousands of pictures of the perro we've taken over the years, this is one of our favorites.

* With a minimum opening bid of $250,000, Carlos Slim is probably the only person who can bring this medal back to Mexico.

* We have no idea how this doesn't constitute a crime in Mexico, but we've ordered up a couple dozen for the interns, size extra-small.


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Que Viva Mexico

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Anonymous said...

I saw an interview on tv with one of the mole men who was commenting on what it's like to go looking for people who are trapped underground. What the mole men do is too different from the miners' story, and the news commentators were left without any comments.