Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Twelve years ago, journalist Alejandro Suversa interviewed 75 Sinaloa schoolkids about their dreams for the future. The answers were unremarkable: they wanted to be doctors, nurses, pilots, cops, etc. This month he went back to visit with the now young adults. All the men work in the drug trade. All but two of the women are housewives caring for children fathered by men working in the drug trade.

* US elections - which our polling division tells us will mark a shift back to the failed policies of the Bush Administration - fall rather appropriately on the Day of the Dead this year. In Massachusetts, ALIPAC endorses Jeff Perry for his tough stance against immigrants, who will no longer be able to hide in 14-year-old girls' vaginas if Perry is elected.

* In Nevada, Tea Party Princess Sharron Angle, who would never say a bad thing about Messicans, would nevertheless like you to know that Harry Reid [hearts] Messicans, which is obviously a reason to vote him out of office.

* And then there's the Failed State of Arizona, where a law intended to keep illegal immigrants from voting succeeded only in disenfranchising 30,000 US citizens. Republican Jesse Kelly is sounding the alarm about busloads of Mexicans being carted over the border to vote, which is taking place only in his failed imagination. Meanwhile, the state's failing, erosion-based economy is hoping to revive itself by building lots of prisons to house illegal Messicans, thus increasing the Failed State's dependency on the hated brown people from the south.

* Mexfiles remembers Francis B. Alexander, the original anti-Mexican terrorist.

* Continental Airlines will finally have some competition on its Querétaro-USA route, which we hope will discourage them from continuing to charge 250 dollars to let us carry-on the perro.

* With our Blood Alcohol Concentration hovering at a near-constant 0.25, we would love to believe that the legal limit in Mexico is really 0.4, as this article implies, but of course that would be insane. Sadly, the legal limit here is 0.08, same as in the US. Of course, being Mexico, they still do things like suspending breathalyzer tests over the holidays.

* We Are the World: Latino immigrants and frequently-anti-immigrant police officers play a friendly volleyball game in Suffolk County, NY. This is not unprecedented.

* The Mexico Ledger presents a side of Mexican life we never knew existed.

* The Week in Bomb-Related School Evacuations: Swampscott 1, Querétaro 0.

* A site devoted to literary tattoos. Querétaro is no stranger to the combination of writing and inking, though spelling correctly is still something of a rarity.

* Querétaro in statistics.

* Japanese food in Mexico really sucks. Mexican food in Japan? Apparently sort of okay.

* Just in time for Day of the Dead: Star Wars Calaveras.

* Snuff film aficionados will find a lot to like at El Blog del Narco.

* If you like the idea of combining iconic Mayan images and Disney characters, Carmen Cantabella's "Year of the Jaguar" exhibit at Galeria DRT is worth seeing.

* We though we'd said all there was to say about Mexican-themed Halloween costumes, but apparently Spain believes all Mexicans are kinda gay. (Also: remember when those "illegal alien" costumes ended illegal immigration once and for all? Man, those were the days.)

* Bimbo in America; Idiot in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

I might have believed that 0.4 from visiting some expat communities.

Anonymous said...

where is this mexico?

Burro Hall said...

Ya can't get there from here.

Tony Soprano said...

The site " " is actually about snuff films, I didn't really beleive all those grousome murders were actually happening in Mexico.

Tony's Grammar Teacher said...

What happened to spell check ??

Burro Hall said...

We had it disabled to confound the trolls.

Anonymous said...

I think i love you.