Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scenes From a Patriarchal Society, Part LXXVI

This is the main entrance to the Querétaro Institute of Technology, located in the center of town. As far as we can tell, it's not related to our home state's similarly-named university, given that so many of its technology students were apparently baffled by the wonder of an electronic gate that they had to post a sign telling people not to push on it. But still, we admire the school's lofty motto, seen at the top right corner of the picture: "The Earth will be as Men will be."

And according to the enormous eight-foot high poster hanging just below the Lofty Motto, Men will be consuming 2x1 beers all night! And if that doesn't prompt Men to enroll, maybe this larger-than-life photo of a bosomy, orally-fixated young engineering major in a loosely-buttoned Catholic schoolgirl uniform will sweeten the deal. ITQ is a co-ed institution, of course.

Study hard!


Anonymous said...

Wow it's that the way the female students dress !!!!

Sign me up for the 2x1 beers and the Mamasita in her plaid uniform.

Anonymous said...

The students might as well get something from attending university here (booze and birds)...because they won`t get a decent education.