Friday, October 29, 2010


Once again, the lack of a impenetrable border fence between Mexico and the Failed State of Arizona has allowed the criminal element to leech through and make a home for itself among decent, God-fearing people. This week's example is Rebecca Parrett, convicted in 2008 of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy in a $1.9 billion corporate fraud case, who fled her home in (this is true) Carefree, AZ, to lay low for a couple of years in the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco, until she was picked up by La Migra earlier this week. We assumed she'd be paraded around in pink underwear and forced to live in a tent city in the desert for a while, but apparently she's being delivered back to the US by the Marshals Service.

And in a well-needed shot in the arm for Mexican tourism, the US government has nothing but nice things to say about the quality of life here in Mexico!

“She was living in the lap of luxury,” [Deputy US Marshal Brian] Babtist said in a telephone interview from Columbus. “She was having fun...I’ve heard that she liked to go out dancing,” Babtist said...."For somebody who’s on the run, it was pretty good.”

Just about the only dark cloud for Mexico here is that its bogus-medicine industry comes out looking pretty ineffective.

Parrett, 62, a skilled ballroom dancer and took professional lessons before she fled, enjoyed dancing in Ajijic, underwent anti-aging treatments and could have easily blended in, according to Deputy U.S. Marshal Brian Babtist.

On the left is a photo of Parrett before she fled. At right, a photo taken this week, after her two-year course of Miraculous Blend-In-Easy Mexican Anti-Aging Treatments(TM).

The ballroom dancing, on the other hand, was exquisite!


Dave said...

I think her anti-aging treatment had a lot to do with hair dye.

Tony Soprano said...

Was she a natural blonde?

Burro Hall said...

Only her cellmate knows for sure.

Anonymous said...

Here is a story about the spillover into Arizona.


"Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence"

Burro Hall said...

Mexicans killed a Mexican for stealing drugs that were going to be sold to Americans?! That didn't really happen, did it?