Friday, November 19, 2010

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!!

So less than 24 hours after we taunted Governor Calzada to "bring it on," we found ourselves pulled over on the highway for the first time in four years here. Not speeding, not violating any rules - the police just decided completely apropos of nothing to pull us over and check that all our papers were in order, as if we had somehow wandered into Bizzaro Arizona. Of course our papers were not in order - who the hell brings their passport and visa with them to go grocery shopping? - and so there followed a long standoff as the officer asked us "well then how do I know you're here legally?" in a way that implied that his question was not rhetorical.

All evidence on this blog to the contrary, we're not complete idiots; we don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. So we're going to go up to El Norte for a couple of weeks until Governor Hothead cools down a bit. As today is now, unexpectedly, a travel day, it seems like a good time for another installment of BHCSGM!!

Objects In Mirror Are In Greater Danger Than They Appear

If the parent or caregiver of the child in this picture writes us a letter acknowledging the error of their ways, Burro Hall Enterprises will buy them a child car seat and help them install it. And as an additional conciliatory gesture, we'll invite Governor and Mrs. Calzada to the presentation ceremony.


pc said...

Soy yo! Es mi hijo!!! Mandamelo porfa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get an FM3, the new ones are little laminated cards that can fit in your wallet. The next time they stop you show it and say "Que te jodan!"